Fresh Ingredients
All fresh ingredients! True Hickory smoked BBQ! Casual dining!
We are BBQ guys, not big talkers, so we'll let a few of our patrons talk for us.
In this unassuming storefront, and home style country menu, one could make the mistake of making some quick assumptions but once you start eating you realize that the owner/chef has something else going on. The chef is a magician, you dont see the tricks coming but you taste them and wonder how he did it. The barbecue dishes has a depth of flavor you rarely encounter and won't soon forget... it is absolutely one of the finest barbecues I've ever tasted. The side dishes play minor but very memorable roles to the main dishes... I highly recommend the cornbread. In addition, the waitress was tremendous and her smile match the smile in her voice when describing the menu offerings.
Kevin       FB
It is hard to describe how I feel about Officials, but I will do my best. As I cut into the legendary potato for my first bite, streamers dropped, the lights dimmed, and a bald eagle flew into the open door and landed on my shoulder. I shared some of the most delicious brisket that I've ever tasted with him, he thanked me and flew off. As I took my second bite, none other than George W Bush walked into Officials and shook my hand, and told me that I would never find a better BBq. On the third bite I was visited by the ghost of George Washington, who was still holding a branch from his dad's Apple tree, he added some fresh syrup straight from the branch to my sweet tea and said, "this is America. Do your duty and finish this." It truly was the greatest, most American experience of my life. And I will return for more potatoes, brisket, melted succulent cheese, lovely sour cream, and an assortment of different high quality BBQ sauces, in this life or the next. This I swear.
Matthew           FB
Before I begin, let me say that I am a self proclaimed barbecue
aficionado. I'm from the Deep South. I KNOW BBQ! That being said, let's
I ordered the Beef Brisket Sandwich, fries, and baked
beans. WOW! What a total surprise! It's easily the most tender and moist
brisket I've ever eaten. It was spectacular! It has a great hickory
smoked flavor, the smoke ring was just right. Best brisket east of
Texas! The fries and baked beans are excellent as well.
My wife had the Carolina pulled pork sandwich along with fries. The pulled pork
is right up there with the top five barbecue joints I've ever dined at!
All of our food was cooked to order, and piping hot when it arrived at the table.
I simply can't believe it is that good!
Wait! I almost forgot, they have a very broad selection of great sauces
to try. Although In my opinion, this barbecue doesn't need any sauce.
Yeah, it's that good!
If you are ever in the area and want some very good Q, look these guys up. You won't be disappointed.
Steve         Yelp